Monday, November 4, 2013

Tracking custom Jira queries

One of the powerful capabilities of Just the Facts is subscribing to result counts from any Jira query.  For example, an engineering manager is using this to track his compliance to his customer service level agreements (SLAs).

Each issue reported by customers is tagged with an SLA custom field, where each value corresponds to a committed turn-around time:

SLA LevelTurnaround Time
11 day
23 days
32 weeks

The number of overdue issues at any given time can be tracking with a custom Jira query.  For example, the following JQL returns all SLA level 1 issues that have been open for more than 1 day and that are still unresolved:

project = HIL and "SLA"="1" AND resolution=Unresolved AND created  < startOfDay(-1d) 

and a similar query tracks the SLA 2 issues:

project = HIL and "SLA"="2" AND resolution=Unresolved AND created  < startOfDay(-3d) 

To subscribe to these queries, this manager enters this query into Jira, activates the Just the Facts extension, and selects the field listing the result count:

Subscribing to Jira Story Count
After the fact is created, he selects the fact, labeled "Number of Issues" by default, and edits it to give it a more descriptive label:
Selecting a Newly Created Fact
Editing a Fact
After subscribing to the counts for the other SLA levels, he can also create a single, combined fact that totals the count of all overdue issues:

Selecting Several Facts

Creating a Combined Fact
 and set a warning if it goes above a specified number:

Selecting a Combined Fact

Setting a Warning
Going forward, this manager's daily email report will include these overdue issue counts.
Daily Report