Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tracking Pirate Metrics - Activation

Following on our last post, we will now add Activation tracking to our daily email report.

Activation is all about turning your website visitors into users of your product.  Typically this involves completing a sign up process, although depending on your product it could also refer to an anonymous user successfully completing a key use case or spending a certain amount of time engaged with the site.

Let's assume we want to use number of completed registrations as our activation metric.  Let's also assume we're using Google Analytics for tracking, having set up a custom goal using the built-in "Create an account" template found in the administration screens:
Google Analytics Goal Setup
We'll name the goal "Register" and track it based on our registration confirmation screen:
Google Analytics Goal Details
Now, whenever a user reaches the /register/register relative link on the site, it will be tracked as a completed goal.

The subscription process is very similar to our earlier subscription to Google Analytics. In this case we start with Google Analytics' Conversions > Goals > Overviews dashboard and subscribe to the goal we are interested in:
Subscribing to a Google Analytics Goal
After the subscription is completed, we'll again re-label the fact and update its frequency:
Fact Settings Dialog
At this point our in-progress dashboard looks like this:
Dashboard with Two Facts
The following post will look at adding in a Retention metric by calculating it from a combination of a Google Analytics metric and our own custom data.

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