Friday, October 3, 2014

Tracking Metrics from Facebook Page Insights

Facebook provides a Page Insights dashboard to help page owners analyze the activity and user engagement of their page posts.

While the dashboard is great for a visual overview of your page performance, many of the most actionable metrics are not directly exposed, and there's no easy way to track performance over time and set targets and alerts.

Just the Facts now supports several Page Insights metrics to help you easily track these engagement metrics.

To subscribe to these metrics, you begin by logging into Facebook and navigating to the Insights page from the navigation bar:
Facebook Insights Menu Item
In the "Page Insights" section, choose the Page you wish to subscribe to:
Selecting a Page
(Just the Facts also supports subscribing to your App Insights; we'll cover this in a separate posting.)

Once you're on the page, activate the Just the Facts extension from the browser toolbar ( ) and you will be prompted for the facts to subscribe to:

Subscribe to Facebook Insights
After providing permissions, you will be brought to your Just the Facts dashboard, where you can set targets and alerts by clicking the "Set Warnings" icon for any of your facts:
Set Warnings For a Fact
The following is a brief overview of the supported metrics and their definition:

  • Total Reach - The number of unique people who viewed any content from your page.
  • Post Reach - The number of unique people who viewed your page posts.
  • Engaged Users - The number of people who engaged in any way with your page, including liking, commenting, sharing, or clicking on posts.
  • Impressions - The total number of times content from your page was displayed.
  • Consumptions - The total number of clicks on your page posts.
  • Consumers - The number of unique people who clicked on your page posts.
  • Engagement Rate - The percentage of people who engaged with your content after viewing it (Engaged Users / Post Reach)
For more detail and discussion of these metrics and their significance, we recommend this Glossary of Terms or the Simply Measured Facebook Analytics Guide.

Are there other metrics you find useful for tracking purposes?  Leave a comment below!

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