Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tracking and Reporting Pinterest Metrics

Unlike other popular social networks, there are not many options yet for effectively tracking and analyzing your Pinterest metrics.  Pinterest itself provides a basic Analytics Dashboard, and Tailwind provides a tracking dashboard as well as the ability to schedule your pins.

Pinterest is one of the many social networks supported by Just the Facts.  Some of the unique capabilities of Just the Facts include:

  • daily email summary of pin and board metrics
  • ability to set targets and warnings
  • ability to combine metrics with your other social networks

This post will step through the process of subscribing to Pinterest metrics so that you can track your user engagement over time.

After installing the Just the Facts plugin, you can simply navigate to any Pinterest account in your Chrome browser and click the plugin's icon (  ) to activate it.

You can subscribe to the total counts of followers and likes from your account:
Subscribing to a Pinterest Account
from a specific Board:

Subscribing to a Pinterest Board
and even an individual Pin:

Subscribing to a Pin
Once your metrics are created, you have a number of options for tracking and charting combined metrics.

For example, to track week over week growth in your followers, select the "Followers" metric and click the "Combine" icon ( ):
Creating a Combined Fact
 In the following dialog, choose the "Week over week growth" radio button, name your new fact, and click "Save":
Tracking Week Over Week Growth
 We can use the same approach to get a count of new pins over the past week by selecting the "Pins" metric from the dashboard, clicking "Combine" again, and selecting the "Difference between current and last week's value" radio button:
Tracking New Pin Count
Now let's say we want to chart several of our metrics.  Starting at the dashboard again, we can select the metrics we are interested in and click the "Chart" icon ():
Charting Step 1:  Select Facts
From the resulting chart, we can then click the "Save" button:
Charting Step 2:  Saving a Chart
We provide a name and a starting date range for the chart:
Charting Step 3:  Naming the Chart
and after clicking "Save" the chart is created:
Saved Chart
We can now use the "Charts" tab on the top of the screen to navigate back to this chart at any time.  For example, here is a month's worth of follower data:
Follower Growth
You can also download your graph as a report or easily share it with others.

For more on how to combine your Pinterest metrics with your other social networks, see our earlier blog post on Tracking your combined social reach.