Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tracking and Reporting MailChimp Metrics

You can use Just the Facts to get a daily summary report on the performance of your MailChimp campaigns.

Begin by logging into your MailChimp account, clicking the "Campaigns" tab, and clicking "View Report" for the campaign you are interested in:
View a Campaign Report
On the campaign report page, activate the Just the Facts browser plugin (), select the metrics you want to track, and click "Subscribe."  For this campaign, we are interested in the Open and Click rates:
Selecting Campaign Metrics
After logging into your Just the Facts account, you will be prompted to enter your MailChimp API key, which can be found under Account -> Extras.

Once your metrics are being tracked:
Dashboard showing MailChimp Campaign metrics
you can set targets by clicking the Settings icon for a fact:
Editing Fact Settings
and setting a Target value from the Settings tab.
Setting a Target Value
The daily campaign values will then be tracked against this target.